We do not, as yet, have a general section which explains the role and importance of the CCF to school life but if you would like to contribute such a piece please send it to Peter Higgins (see Contacts). However, we do have valued contributions in the form of recollections from Mike Evans and Nick Ratnieks ( particulary amusing - Ed ) which are reproduced below - just click on the links to open them.

Cadet Corps 1915
CCF 1943
CCF 1953
CCF 1961
CCF Army Section 1944
                                                           CCF CAMP 1950 AT BOURLEY, Nr ALDERSHOT.
Back Row:   Cdt Cpl Rann    Kearns   Curtis   Soper   Cdt Sgt Soper   Cdt CQMS Cairns   Cdt L/Cpl Duncan   Cdt L/Cpl Stibbon   Cdt Sgt Humby   Cdt Sgt Sanders     Centre Row:   Knight   Pugh   Reed   Wallington   Cdt CSM Barham   Bender   Burner   Yates   Brushwood   Loveridge   Riley      Front Row:   Lelliot (?)   French   Males   Surry   Major H W Cummins   Capt A C D Ingram   Cannon   Bran (?)   Kettle   Harwood
Seated on ground:   Ball   Wratten
CCF Images (Page 1)
CCF Inspection
CCF Foot Inspection
CCF Guard of Honour
CCF Navy Section 1957. Sub Lt McKenzie in front
CCF Navy Section 1957 names
CCF Inspection. Messrs Mills, Davies and Hickman with inspecting officer
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Back row: Extreme left D Johns; 5th left ?C Morgan; 6th left F.Earl; 3rd right A. Laurie
Middle row: Extreme right G Turner
Front row: Extreme left D Littlefield  2nd M. Sedgewick, 8th A. Day, 9th B. Boland,

RAF March Past 1960

Landing Party Exercise Langstone Harbour 1960

RAF Signals Section Annual Inspection 1961

CCF Inspection 1962
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CCF Inspection 1959
CCF on parade 1963
CCF Camp 1951:  Cdt Cpl French (L) and Cdt Cpl Cannon (R).
CCF Camp 1951 Standing:  N/K, Cdt Cpl Cannon, N/K, Cdt L/Cpl Surry
Kneeling:   N/K, Cdt L/Cpl Kearns (? )
CCF Lichfield 1955 with King William's, Isle of Man

Guard of Honour. RAF Marham 1954

Guard of Honour 1955 Dame Gwynne-Vaughan

CCF about 1959/60
CCF march past at Baffins
Helicopter at Baffins (NB the cadets look surprisingly unconcerned and unaffected by the down draught!)
Piper Cherokee aircraft
RAF Badge
Gliding Proficiency Badge (3 solos in T31 and T21B Sedburgh )
CCF Uniform brevet
Flying scholarship Badge (40 hours flying in Cherokee or Colt to PPL level)

T31B gliders

            RAF Lindholme 1965.
Back row: Stephen Helms, ??, Flt Lt Shimwell (also woodwork master), ??, ??,
Front row: ??, ??, ??, Pavey, Newman(?)

                  RAF Oakington 1963
Back row: Baverstock, Hewitt, Donald Eldridge, Blenkinsop (? a nickname), ??, Stephen Helms

Front row: Dave Pocock, ??, Kirk?, Flt Lt Shimwell (also woodwork master), Ken Rowlands, ??

Colt aircraft
1965 South Cerney Star Camp

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CCF 1951
Robert Webb - RAF Section 1954