1st X1 1963
1st X1 1964
1st X1 1936
1st X1 1945
1st X1 1948
Junior Colts 1959
1st X1 Cap 1960s
1st X1 1962
2nd X1 1959
Junior Team mid 1950s
Colts 1962

Colts 1963

1st X1 1906
1st X1 1966
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1st X1 cricket report from Secundrian 1953. (Some interesting scores!! Looks as if the bowlers were rather better than the batsmen! Ed).

1st X1 1950 Back row: Mr Spraggs, B. Littlefield, John Gibbons, ?, Laurie Douglas, "Boner" Shaw, Grout (scorer). Front: John Bryan, Smith, Bill(?) Bagley, John Barham, Harry Arnold, Terry(?) Daly
1st X1 1951 Back row: B. Littlefield, Laurie Douglas, (?) Harrison (?), Len Phillips, Fred Baynham, John Gibbons, ?, ? (scorer). Front: Dave(?) Sneddon, Charlie Usmar, "Boner" Shaw, Mr Mills, Harry Arnold, Derek Edwards, Dave(?) Lindsay
1st X1 1952 Back row: Mr Spraggs, Ian(?) McCarthy, Laurie Douglas, Len Phillips, Harrison (?), Dave Lindsay, (?) Wyatt, ?(scorer), Mr Fox. Front: John Gibbons, "Boner" Shaw, Dave Sneddon, Mr Mills, Fred Baynham, Chas Forman, (?) Smith
1st X1 1953 Back row: Mr Spraggs, ?, Wyatt, Len Phillips, Roger Harding, Mr Fox, Gear (scorer). Front: Laurie Douglas, John Gibbons, "Boner" Shaw, Mr Mills, (?) Smith, Chas Forman, Ian(?) McCarthy
1st X1 Cap 1936

Cricket reports - Secundrian extract 1974

Cricket reports 1948. Note Geoff Elderfield's outstanding bowling against the Northern Grammar

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Cricket report 1962

Amusing report of Staff v Boys match 1965

1st X1 1935
Results -1936 [Ed: not many high scores here!)

Staff v School cricket report 1972

1st X1 1959

                                      1st X1 1960
Back row r/l: Peter Neal (scorer) D. M. Skinner, P. Winsor, R. Welsford, H. McCracken, R.C. Martin, Mr Faulds
Front Row  r/l M. W. Brown, D. W. Ingles,  F. Matthews, R. W. Simonds (captain),  W. Price,  C Webster .

1st X1 1954

Cricket report 1959

1st X1 1908
1st X1 1906
1st X1 1927
1st X1 1926
1st X1 1929
1st X1 1934
Mr Burras, Radford, Barker, Mr Goodfellow, Shott, Mr Taylor, Mr Waite, Dr Parks
                                 Bateman,   Smith,  Davies, Steptoe,  Poe
                                         Morris                     Gibbins
Colts about 1957
1st X1 1916

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2nd X1 (?) 1965
Colts 1962

Back row: Greg Hassell, Des Dugan,? Mr Gibbons, ?, Brian Banks, ?
Front row Ian Pineira (probably), Moore?, Harvey, Holding, Middleton, Hewitt .