Messrs Downing, Waite, Ogden & Hore

Messrs Beedem, Jones, Merrifield & Goodfellow

Dr Machin, Messrs Trevanion, Smith & Thomson

George Downing

Messrs Griffiths, James, Burras & May

Messrs S G Davies, Chatterton, BC Thomas & Hitchins

Messrs Stocks, Gardener, Winter & Shackleton

Staff 1908

Staff 1904

Staff 1969

Staff 1968

Messrs Owen and Carrick - 1960s

Messrs White, Trout, Steed & Tilney

Former Staff Page 1

This Section contains images of former staff. If you have images or would like to write a short piece about your recollections  please send them to Peter Higgins ( See Contacts ).  SEE ALSO PAGES 2 & 3 about former staff.

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Mr Chatterton's retirement - Secundrian article 1972

Mr Steed's retirement - Secundrian article 1953

Messrs Owen and Carrick prepare carefully to open the batting!! 1960s

Mr S G Davies  retirement - Secundrian article 1966

Mr A C Hitchins  retirement - Secundrian article 1967

Alexander Park 1950s. Sports Day is rained off!! Staff from the left are: Messrs Hoare, Wingham, Hobson, Fox, Chatterton, Parnell, Rees, ToozeDavies, Ingram

Painting by George Downing  - thought to be mid 1930s

Mr Tooze  retirement - Secundrian article 1972

Amusing valedictory note by Mr Jon Robinson (extract from The Secundrian 1970

Mr Trout's retirement - Secundrian article 1953

Mr Hore's retirement - Secundrian article 1954

Mr Merrifield

Mr Beedem

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