Messages from Old Secundrians :

Walter Johnston (joined 1955) Although only briefly at the school (for about a year) I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me. I should be quite memorable because I continued to use my previous school's distinctive  green blazer and red badge for the short period that I was at the SGS! I can be contacted at         [ Ed : there is an "underscore" after the "jw" - see also Walter's contribution under "Where are they now A-Z"].  (November 2012)

Keith Horner (joined 1951)  It is really good to get in touch with those who enjoy recalling their teenage years in a worthwhile school environment. I went on to become a teacher, before moving into the Army and then industry. I always felt the demise of the grammar schools took something important out of the education system. I live in Australia and would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me from our school days. Keith Horner (July 2012).  E-mail  (e-mail updated November 2018).

Dicky Waite (joined 1938)  Dicky would be very pleased to hear from the "Lyndhurst Parkhill" gang: Gerry Bugo, Jimmy Scott, Alan Routley, Geoff Richards, Stan Buckett and Dicky's wife, Gloria's, other friends: Cloin Campbell, Laurie Brown, Peter Corben, Mike Salmon, Alan Bastard, Stan Bettesworth and George Allen. Dicky can be contacted at  [Ed: See, also, Dicky's school recollections on the Pupils Page 3 of this website].

Colin Bishop (1960-68)   Now living in North Carolina,  I would very much like to get into contact again with former pupils who may remember me.  Please contact me at  (Ed: see also Colin's entry in the "Where are they now?" section)

Lawrence Jackson (1940-45)   I would very much like to hear from any former pupil who was at Brockenhurst from 1940 to 1945 (Headmaster G.B.H. Jones,  Barrister at law) and who may remember me.  My e-mail address is  and telephone number: 01256 850489 (Ed: details shown with Lawrence's permission)

Arthur (Roy) Wrapson (1932-36) From 1954 Arthur spent most of his time living near Auckland in New Zealand. He was a keen member and contributor to this website (see his entry in the "Where are they now?" page). Sadly, Roy passed away in 2012 and was remembered at the May 2012 annual dinner (his name is recorded on the menu card - see Old Secundrians dinners 2012). 

Richard Taylor (1952-54)  Richard is - and has been since the early 1970s - living in Australia and would be delighted to hear from any of his contemporaries from his time at the school. Names that spring to mind are  Alan Gant,  Bruce Sharp, David Warren,  (?) Frampton,  and the "other" Richard Taylor - but he would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers him. In respect of the last named, rather confusingly both not only had the same name but also the same second initial - scope for confusion all round!! Richard (as in Australia!) hopes that the other Richard was never beaten for his transgressions which, he tells me [Ed] were many!! Richard's e-mail contact is

John Cave (1958-60)  I am now living in Oregon, USA having emigrated in 1977. I would be interested to hear from anyone who rmembers me from my short time at the school. My contact details can be found through Peter Higgins or Clive Williams(Contacts). See also my entry on the "Where are they now?" page

Colin Dowsett (1960-67)  We have recently added Colin's "Where are they now?" entry (see the "People" section). Colin has now returned to live in New Zealand [Ed: lucky man!] and would be pleased to hear from past friends.

Tim Syson: Tim is a distant relative of the late George Henry Downing, art master at the school pre Second World War, and is seeking any information that any Old Secundrians could provide about him; he intends to set up a website very soon. If you can provide any information, anecdotes, memories etc etc Tim can be contacted at Salt Hill House, 18 Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2LG, telephone number 01227 825607. e-mail address is We hope you will be able to help.

John Hobson:  I am now a fully qualified octogenarian!! I would love to hear from anyone from the Junior or Senior Colts' football teams in the 1950s or from the athletics teams  from the same era. Apologies for missing the 2009 dinner (grandparents' duties!) but I hope to attend in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2006 dinner when I met Brian Naysmith and  Ian Watson (staff) as well as Roger Allen and Chris Rogers of the 1953 Junior Colts - regards to all of them. I have recently completed my memoirs and the part that deals with my time at the Southern Grammar will be passed to Peter Higgins for inclusion on this site shortly (April 2009); I've now embarked on a separate journal to record the next 20 years activities ending (I hope) with a telegram from the Queen (Ed: will she send herself a telegram if/when she reaches 100 years old?). John's address is 6 Epsom Road, Rugby CV22 7PF (Tel: 017888 40066) - [provided with John's permission].

Alf Pink (joined 1956): I look forward to seeing all those old boys who started at the school in 1956, at our Annual Dinner in May 2009. It is always good to meet up with the regular attendees but it would be especially good to see those who have not been to our annual dinner before. Please contact me (see Contacts) and get on our mailing list.

Terence Miller (joined 1949):   Now living in USA, I would very much like to contact former classmates from my era - in particular: David Hartfree, Richard Midgely, Christopher J Martin, William Barton, Peter Manning, Maurice Miller, David Gallagher, William Sykes, Lawrence Douglas, Brian Coombes. I can be contacted by e-mail at Also, anyone else who remenbers me from our school days.

Peter Jerome (Joined 1949). Peter is living in Florida and would like to make contact with Colin Johnson who was a close friend during his schooldays. Peter believes Colin may be living in Canada. If you know of Colin's whereabouts please let Peter Higgins or Clive Williams (Contacts ) know.

Chris Wrein (joined 1966)  I would be really interested to hear from anyone who went on the 1968 Hamburg trip. In fact I'd be happy to hear from anyone who was in my year . I've reached that age where I do feel a bit nostalgic!

Peter Oxley (1965-72). I live in Portsmouth and remember very well Danny Milne, Noel Thorpe, John Joinsen, David Ainsworth, John Langham Brown, Paul Woods, Jaffa Jaffa et al. I should be delighted to hear from any friends from the past and can be contacted via Peter Higgins or Clive Williams (see Contacts).

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Compton organ. By a stroke of extreme good luck we have found an organ restorer who showed interest in taking the organ and finding a new home for it (probably a church). We obtained agreement from the Portsmouth College and the organ has now been restored. (Ed: There is still no new home for it yet but we are in regular contact with the restorer and are confident that he will eventually find a suitable new home for it. We shall keep Old Secundrians posted as more information is obtained). [ December 2017 ]

This Page displays information of recent/forthcoming interest. It may also be used by Old Secundrians who wish to convey their own messages eg to try to establish contact with long lost colleagues or comments/views about the website, (all subject to editorial control). So, if you wish to include an item please send to Peter Higgins (see Contacts)

IMPORTANT: We have now run out of new material for the website - but are confident that most Old Secundrians still have material that would be of interest to others; we are anxious that the website does not become "stale" so, PLEASE look out material that may be in your possession and send it to Peter Higgins - either by e-mail or through the post. For example, the "Do you remember when...?" page  provides an excellent opportunity for members to include some snippets (humorous or otherwise) of their favourite memories from their schooldays - so please let us have yours, too.  And don't forget that we'd really like to receive more entries for the "Where are they now?" column. Please send your recollections to Peter Higgins (Contacts ).

Remember when?   At the suggestion of Richard Taylor, we have included a page entitled "Do you remember when...?". This provides an opportunity for members to include some snippets (humorous or otherwise) of their favourite memories from their schooldays. We have kicked off with a few (do have a look) - so please let us have yours, too. Please send your recollections to Peter Higgins (Contacts).
Aileen Mills' speech (2006)   We are delighted  that Aileen's speech given at the 2006 dinner is on the website. Aileen was, of course, the wife of Headmaster, H J Mills. Those who were at the 2006 dinner will recall the wonderful recording that she had made at the grand age of 95. It is a magnificent oratory and can be heard by going to Old Sec's Other Dinners Page 1 of this website - enter via the "Old Sec's" link. You can also go directly to the page by clicking on this link (Other OS Dinners P1).  Ed : It is well worth listening to.
Christmas Newsletter (December 2018). The Newsletter has been issued by e-mail and post (the latter to those without e-mail). If you didn't receive yours and you are a member it probably means that you have changed your postal and/or e-mail addresses and not advised us!! If you are an "offender" please do let Clive Williams have your updated details (Contacts).  In the meantime, you can view the Newsletters on this site ( Newsletters ) (December 2018 )
IMPORTANT:    Hitherto, we have recorded sad news regarding the passing of Old Secundrians on this page and the information has been retained here for a considerable time. However, over time the list has, sadly, become very lengthy. With that in mind notification will continue to appear here but after a suitable period of time the information will be transferred to the Obituaries page (which can also be accessed via the People section). As always, colleagues and friends are invited to send Obituaries and notifications to Peter Higgins (see Contacts page).
NEW PAGE: We have included a new page on the site entitled " Academic Honours and Some Former Pupils". This is an extract from Arthur Hitchins book about the school's history 1888-1954. It can be accessed via the People page. We would welcome information regarding more recent successes and news of former attendees at the school. Please contact Peter Higgins with details (Contacts )
REQUEST FOR CONTACT DETAILS - PETER JARVIS (joined mid 1950s).   Peter Beynon is trying to contact a good school friend, Peter Jarvis, who joined the school in the mid 1950s. If anyone has any information as to Peter's whereabouts would you please contact Peter Beynon at . Many thanks. ( July 2015 )




INVITATION TO BROCKENHURST EVACUEES MEETINGS ; "Pub Lunch" Meetings of the Brockenhurst evacuees take place on a quarterly basis and current attendees would very much welcome newcomers. More details can be obtained from Gordon Blackman at  (July 2107)

EVACUATION IMAGES : We have recently added three new images to the Evacuation page (Evacuation ) with a request asking whether anybody can name any of the individuals (or where it was taken). If you know, please let Peter Higgins ( Contacts ) know.


**CHRISTMAS 2018 NEWSLETTER  (See Newsletters section)


**EVACUATION IMAGES FROM THE 1940s (See Evacuation section) 


Edward Fillingham (joined 1943) We are very sorry indeed to report that Edward passed away in December 2016. Edward was a very keen Old Secundrian, an evacuee to Brockenhurst during the War and a regular attendee at the annual dinner. He will be greatly missed. Edward's funeral was held at Portchester Crematorium on Wednesday 11th January where there was a very large attendance. An obituary for Edward appears in the Obituary section of this website (Obituaries)  ( January 2017 )

Dennis Prince (joined about 1942) It is with great regret that we have been informed by Dennis's son, Brandon, that he passed away on 22nd November 2016. Dennis was one of the evacuees to Brockenhurst during WW2. He spent his working life with the NHS after seeing National Service in the RAF Medical Branch. He became Senior Chief Laboratory Medical Officer at the Queen Alexandra Hospital. He was a keen sea scout and model railway enthusiast as well as being active in local politics with the Liberal Party. Our condolences go to Dennis's wife June, Brandon and other members of Dennis's family and his friends. An obituary for Dennis can be seen on the Obituaries page (Obituaries) [July 2017]. 

Graham Lock (joined 1957) It is with great regret that we report that Graham passed away in 2014 from heart failure (sadly, we have only just received the news). Graham was an extremely bright student at the Southern Grammar and had been a Professor for many years at a University in the Netherlands before returning to the UK in about 2009 and becoming a tutor at Oxford University. (March 2017)

Jon Harrigan (joined 1954) We are very sorry to report that Jon passed away peacefully on 12th February 2017 aged 75. Ken Hales, a former SGS pupil and a friend of Jon's, recalls that he was a very bright student and read chemistry at Birmingham University. An obituary written by Ken can be seen on the Obituaries page (Obituaries). Jon's younger brothers Peter and Robert also attended the SGS. Jon's funeral was held at Portchester Crematorium on Tuesday 7th March. Our condolences go to Jon's family and friends. (February 2017

Edward Barber (joined 1960) We are sorry to report that Edward passed away at the end of January 2017. Edward was a well known photographer and in particular for his work on the anti-nuclear protest movement in the 1980s. An obituary, printed in the Guardian newspaper can be seen at (February 2017)

David Stapleton (joined 1939) We are sorry to learn that David passed away in January 2017. Unfortunately, no other details are known at present. David's funeral was held at Alverstoke Church on 9th February 2017 and he was laid to rest in Milton cemetery, Portsmouth. (February 2017)

Keith Guy (joined 1955) We are very sorry to report that we have recently been advised that Keith passed away in November 2016. No other details are known at the moment but if/when they become available we will record them here. In the meantime, our sincere condolences go to Keith's wife Liz and his daughters Emma, Rosa and Victoria. An obituary, which focuses on Keith's very successful career appears in the Obituary section of this website (Obituaries) (January 2017)







2019 Dinner:  Friday 10th May at the Brookfield Hotel, Emsworth - make a note in your diary. Invitations will be sent out towards the end of February






Mick Howard (joined about 1952). We are very sorry to report that Mick passed away in May 2018 having succumbed to cancer. Sadly, we have no other details. Mick was a fine goalkeeper - 1st X1 for two years and Pompey Boys - and an excellent cricketer where he was a regular behind the stumps for Portsmouth and Southsea. Our condolences go to his friends and family (November 2018)

Jack Hobbs (joined 1959) We are very sorry to report that Jack passed away after a short illness in October 2018. Jack's funeral will take place on Friday October 26th at at Breakspear Crematorium, Breakspear Road, Ruislip, HA4 7SJ and will be followed by a memorial at Moor Park Golf Club, Hertfordshire, WD3 1QN. Old Secundrians Association will be represented and all members will be welcome to attend.Our sincere condolences go to Jack's family and friends. (October 18th 2018 )

Charles "Biff" Maber (joined 1943).   We are very sorry to report that "Biff" passed away peacefully on Saturday 7th July 2018 at Rowans Hospice. There was a family interment  at the Hinton Woodland Burial Ground near Christchurch in his beloved New Forest on 25th July. Any donations in his memory will  be welcome to The Rosemary foundation, Chapel Street  Petersfield who cared for him so wonderfully at home for the last few weeks or The Rowans where he spent the last 4 days . "Bif f" was a keen Old Secundrian and an evacuee to Brockenhurst in the Second World War and we were delighted to see him at the plaque naming ceremony in Brockenhurst in August 2017. Our sincere condolences go to his wife Joy, son Colin and his many friends at this very sad time. ( July 30th 2018 )

Christopher Dennis Neal (joined about 1962).
We are very sorry to report that Christopher passed away on Good Friday, 30th March 2018. Christopher led a varied and colourful life and an obituary for him appears later in this website ( Obituaries ). Our condolences go to Christopher's mother, his wife Sue and daughters Samantha and Victoria ( July 12th 2018 )

Jack Restall (joined 1935 ). We are very sorry to report that Jack passed away on 27th May, He died peacefully at the Countess Mountbatten Hospice in Southampton. Jack was, amongst many other things, an extremely keen and proud Old Secundrian and always attended the annual dinner. Indeed, he was Father of the House (the oldest member in attendance) at the 2017 event and was due to be so again at the 2018 dinner held on 11th May but, sadly, was too ill to attend. Jack's funeral will be held at 12.30 on  Monday 18th June at Hinton Park Woodland Burial Ground Wyndham Road, Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 7EJ and all Old Secundrians are welcome to attend. Our sincere condolences go to Jack's son Clive and other family and friends. (June 2nd 2018)

Ian Watson (staff) - joined 1951 . We are extremely sorry to report that Ian passed away on Saturday 19th May 2018. Ian was a very keen Old Secundrian supporter and attended the annual dinner for many years - sadly, due to ill health, he was unable to attend the one just eight days before he died. Ian was a terrific teacher and a lovely man who, despite his great age (he was well into his 90s) looked just the same as when he taught many of us 60 years + ago [see images of Ian at past dinners in the Old Sec's section ]. Ian's funeral was held at The Oaks Crematorium, Havant on Friday 8th June when the Old Secundrians were represented in good numbers.   Old Secundrian, Clive Williams,  conducted the service. Ian will be very sadly missed. Our condolences go to Ian's niece, Wendy, other family members and his many friends ( June 10th 2018 ).

Ian Owen (joined 1939) We were terribly sorry to learn of the passing of Ian in April 2018. Ian was a consum - mate Old Secundrian, a regular attendee at the annual dinner - despite the long distance travel involved from the Lake District -  and, as frequently as October 2017, he had travelled all of the way from his home to unveil the plaque in Brockenhurst Village Hall thanking people for all that they did for the Southern Secondary School evacuees during the Second World War. A memorial  service is to be heId for Ian at Warblington Cemetery at lunchtime on Wednesday July 18th and more details will be included here when known. Ian will be sadly missed and our condolences go to his son, Richard (who used to ferry him back and forth from the dinners and the plaque ceremony), family and friends. ( June 2nd  2018 )

Gordon ("Gubby") Allen (joined 1948)  We are very sorry to report that Gordon passed away on 12th May 2018 at the age of 81.  Gordon's funeral will be held at Portchester Crematorium on 6th June at 13.15 and it is hoped that any Old Secundrians who knew Gordon will attend.  Our condolences go to Gordon's wife Pat - to whom he was married for more than 60 years - cousin Jim and other family and friends.   ( May 16th 2018 )

Dave Hider (joined 1959)   We are very sorry to report that Dave lost his battle with cancer on 18th April 2018. Dave's funeral was held on Friday May 4th at The Oaks Crematorium, Havant ; no flowers were requested but donations may be made to Wessex Cancer Care. Our condolences go to Dave's family and friends. ( April 30th 2018)

Leonard "Len" Russell (joined 1934). It is with great regret that we report that Len passed away on 18th February 2018 aged 94. A keen Old Secundrian, Len was rarely absent from the annual dinner and those who were at the 2016 dinner, when he was "Father of the House",  will ever forget the wonderful, stirring speech he made (a copy can be seen on this website at Page 1 of the Old Secundrians 2016 dinner). Len's funeral was held at South Downs Natural Woodland Burial, Droxford Road, East Meon, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 1HR, Thursday 29th March  where he was buried next to his wife Jean.Our very sincere condolences go to Len's family and friends.  An obituary to Len can be seen on the Obituaries page. ( April 9th 2018 )

Peter Bolt (joined 1940) We are very sorry to report that Peter passed away in hospital at the beginning of March. An evacuee to Brockenhurst, Peter was a member of the "Evacuees Club" who still meet quarterly in Portsmouth.  Peter's funeral was held on Wednesday 28th March at Portchester Crematorium . Our condolences go to Peter's niece, Stephanie, and his friends. ( April 3rd 2018 )

Roy Ritson (joined 1942)  We are very sorry to report that Roy passed away in his sleep in February 2018 after battling prostate cancer and heart failure. Our condolences go to his daughter Lesley and son Simon. Roy's funeral was held on 8th March at the Oaks Crematorium, Havant and the family have asked that any donations should be made in favour of the British Heart Foundation ( April 3rd 2018 )

Adrian Todkill (joined 1959) It is with regret that we have recently been informed that Adrian passed away in August 2017; no other details are currently known. Adrian  left school in 1965 and worked for the Met Office all of his working life. Our condolences go to his family and friends ( March 8th 2018 )

Peter John Atkins (joined 1963 [probably]).  We have been advised that, very sadly, Peter passed away on Boxing Day 2017 having suffered a herart a ttack. Although not a hockey player at school he took up the sport whilst at Durham University and subsequently became a joint founder member of City of Portsmouth Hockey Club and a very well known coach in local clubs and the UK Lions Touring Team. Our condolences go to his mother Gwen and brother, Chris.

Philip Haskell (joined 1936).  We are very sorry to report that Philip passed away in March 2017. Our condolences go to Philip's family and friends.

John Soper (joined 1946). We are very sorry to report that John passed away in August 2017). Our condolences go to John's family and friends



David McCracken (joined in the 1950s)   We are very sorry to report that David passed away after losing his fight with cancer on 11th November 2018. Our condolences go to David's family and friends. ( December 2018 )

David Sherrell (joined 1948)   We are sorry to report that David passed away in September 2018. No other details are known but if any reader has more information please let Peter Higgins (Contacts) know. Our condolences go to David's family and friends ( December 2018 )

Peter Walker (joined 1949) We are very sorry to report that after a period of palliative care, Peter died peacefully at home with his family present on Thursday 13th December, 2018 . Peter had been in ill health for several years but during his illness continued to thoroughly enjoy the love and company of all of his family. Peter's funeral was held at West Suffolk Crematorium, Risby, Bury St Edmunds in  January 2019.  ( December 2018 ). A family tribute to Peter is recorded in the Obituaries Section of this website.

Dicky Waite MVO (joined 1938)   We are terribly sorry to learn and report that Dicky passed away in December 2018 just two days before his 92nd birthday. Dicky had been in failing helath for some time and died peacefully at home with his family present. Our sincere condolences go to Gloria, Dicky's wife, his son and the rest of his family and friends. Dicky's funeral was held on 11th January 2019 at St Lawrence Church, Castle Rising, Norfolk (near Kings Lynn).   ( January 2019 )
[Editor's note: At a personal level, I knew Dicky and his wife, Gloria well. A genuinely lovely couple, they met in Brockenhurst whilst the school was evacuated during the War and theirs was a long and very happy marriage. Dicky was an extremely keen Old Secundrian and he and Gloria attended the dinner for many years until age and infirmity prevented it several years ago. Dicky also made the speech at the annual dinner in 2007. Very sad indeed to learn of his passing].  NB There is a copy of a newspaper tribute to Dicky on Obituaries Page 2 of this site [just go to the   People link and then Obituaries 2 to view it].

Jim Taylor (joined 1951) We are very sorry to report that Jim passed away on 4th January 2019 in Portsmouth. He  had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. Jim's funeral will be held at Portchester Crematorium on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 and it is hoped that there will be a good representation from former Old Secundrian friends and coleagues. Our condolences go to Jim's family and friends. ( January 2019 )

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