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Extract from The News, Portsmouth mid 1970s

WW2 Schoolboy stories

Portsmouth air raid August 1940

Secundrian extract 1953

Secundrian extract 1955

Secundrian extract 1958

House Notes - Secundrian extract 1953

Poems  - Secundrian extract 1953

Cycling hints (humorous!!) - Secundrian extract 1953

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The (in)famous school statue. ""Youth & Experience"

Analysis of Little Bo Peep by Frank Edgeller .
Secundrian 1961.
Ed: I've never thought of this nursery rhyme in quite this way before!

School Clothing requirements 1965 with annotated prices!.

Stamp Club 1964

Secundrian Magazine cover 1973

Secundrian extract 1971

Secundrian extract 1972

Secundrian extract 1973

Secundrian extract 1974

Secundrian extract 1970

You Tube link. The link, below, shows footage recorded by Mr H. Williams (Head of English and the School's last Headmaster). It was taken on an 8mm camera and focuses primarily on drama and sporting images in the 1960s. Some of the film is of poor quality (especially after about two minutes, for about three quarters of a minute) but it will be of interest to many. See if you can spot anybody that you recognise - and the highly distinctive footballing style of Brian Naysmith. If you turn on the volume on your computer there is music to accompany it. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to David Williams for providing it.

Car & motorbike membership card 1960

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