Class V 1893

School Photo 1930s (parts)
School Photo 1947 - note the title!! (parts)
School Photo 1947 - (part)
School Photo 1947 - (parts)
School Photo 1947 - (parts)

Senior boys 1904

Senior boys 1916

Senior boys late1940s

4th Form 1910
Mr Hitchins' French class about 1960
1959 Form Photo
Back row: G Fisher R Pritchard D Saunders P Higgenbottom R Cooper, P Edwards C Shinn
Middle row: T Howard P Burton E McLeod D Matthews T Collis M Salmon D Verrier N Carter
Front row: ? Green E Desmond A Nelson R Withers Mr Hickman B Smith D Copes D McLaren P Boorah

4th Form ?? about 1960

Form 5B End of School 1959

Left to right and back row to front row
Moore. Rencourt. Priestley. G Nash. Lines. Gay. Broderick. B Parsons
Morgan. Hostler. Langford. M Dancey. K Tout. D Thorns. Powell. E Sexton. G Allen
R Woods. C Y Edwards. G Hayden. L Pallet. M Hill-Smith. K Jenner. D C Emery. Wright. M King.

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Former Pupils (Page 1)

This Section contains images of and recollections from former pupils. If you have images or would like to write a short piece about your recollections please send them to Peter Higgins (See Contacts).

"Charlie" Cummins French class. 1959

School Photo 1952 - (parts). NB Alternative copies of this can be seen at

School Photo 1952 - (part)

End of term 1957 - disposal of caps that were (supposedly) worn!!

Back row l/r: A Hutty, J Chandler, R Holstein, J Bedford, T Cripps, Peters, F Butcher, B Knight, J S Cooper
Front row l/r A Simmonds, D Hendy, B Kinsman, M Sedgwick, B Boland, A Day, R Gudgeon, P King

Upper Sixth 1956

State Scholarship Award boys Evening News photo in 1954. Front row: Colin Jeffery; Mr Mills; John Jones. Back row ?; ?; Brian Gant. Year of entry to school 1948.

School Photo 1947 - (part)
School Photo 1949 (Ed: actually in parts - so when you expand it the parts need to be done separately)
School Photo 1949 (Ed: actually in parts - so when you expand it the parts need to be done separately)
Back row  - John Taylor: Dave Coppard: Ray Todd: Paul Reeves: Pete Gibbs: Chris Parke: Bill Taylor
Middle row - Ray Turner: Roger Tollervey: John Creevy:  ? Clements: Chris Bracher: Alf Pink: ? Murrey
Front row - Geoff Heathcote: Dave Farrier: Ray Rowe: Paul Winsor: John Carrier: Peter Stock: John Batten: Dave McIntyre:Ken Jacobs

Mr Rees, Ian Surman, John  Bradley, Dilling, ?, Greer, Philips welcome the German delegation to the school in the early 1950s

State  Scholarship winners 1954 [year of entry 1947]  - a Portsmouth City record. Back row l/r: D.E. Jenkins, McNeill and P.J.Staples. Front row: P.G Cox, W.H. Geer, Mr H.J.Mills , J.D. Bradley and P.G. Brushwood                                      
Mr Webb with pupils about 1957[including senators E. R. Williams (left), and M. Davies (right) then H. Chandler and G Clayton

Caps rebellion (about 1957). Protest by pupils regarding the requirement to wear school caps up to the age of 16!!  Names include 2nd  and 3rd left standing - David Parsons and Trevor Fishlock. Standing extreme right Mike Powell. Chris Kirkland is kneeling 2nd right

Form photo - about 1959   1st Row: Mace, Stevenson, Dave Workman, Bob Francis, "Jock" Garrard, Mr J. Carrick, Thomson, Lee, Paul Hibberd, "Dickie" Bird, Davis.
2nd Row: Pearson, Malc Howatt, Nuttall, Colin Fisher, Mike Shea, Frostick, Upfield, Bartlett, Tony Simmonds, Christopher, Maddison, Morgan
3rd Row: Rob Carter, Trevor Warmington, Lyons, Brooks, Harding, Colin Buckland, Steve Wanhill, Frank Edgeller, Terry Unwin, Lewis

First day at the Baffins school site. Bruce Sharp at the front (note the gloves!)

Form 2K 1959

Form 3A 1960

Form 2L French class 1959-60

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Form 1F 1958-59. Pictured back row on the right is John Russell - son of Leonard Russell who was "Father of the House" at the 2016 Old Secundrians dinner