School Photo 1960 - (parts)
School Photo 1964 - (parts)

1972 Photo Image includes: Charles Stone, Terence Burbridge, Metherell, Pegg,,Charles Kirby, Paul Sissons, Martin Hutchinson, Walker, Mike Stone, Phil Voke, Cliff Bacon, John Langham-Brown, Bernard Hodrien, Clive Beilby, Dave Matthews, Paul Hulbert, Chris Stanley, John Tooth, Williamson, Dave Ainsworth, Martin Bargent, O'Shea, Chris Wrien, Keith Salter, Mark Rudman,Weedon, Mike Webb, Jaffer, Oxley, Alan Hounsham, Noel Thorpe, Rick Buckler, Tony Waldron, Peter Lock, Paul Hunt, Danny Milne, Jamieson, Benn, Ian Howarth, Wilkinson, Richard Cutting

Lower VI Science 1960

Back Row L-R  Malcolm Willis, Philip Ingle, Russel Wanhill, ?, John (Jim) Liles, Martin Jeffery, French Exchange student, Derek Williams, Robert Tooze, John Ayling
Middle Row L-R  Kevin Shehan, Derek Skinner, Sumner(?), Ray Copplestone, ?, Chris Butcher, Bob(?) Jackson, Peter Wheeler, ?,?,?.
Front Row L-R Marks(?), Keith Guy, ?, David Jefferies, Anthony Eden, Bernard King, Mr “Dickie” Richards, Robert Aylmer, Ronald Wilson, ?, David Larner, Kevin Malley

Class 1F 1960. Ray Roberts and Ron Moss 2nd & 3rd from left front row. Derek Schulman (later to become Simon Dupre of Simon Dupre and the Big Sound) is 6th from left front row. Tony (?) Faulkner 2nd from left middle row. Ken Rowlands (?) 3rd left back row). John Cave back row 2nd right
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Former Pupils (Page 2)

This Section contains images of and recollections from former pupils. If you have images or would like to write a short piece about your recollections please send them to Peter Higgins (See Contacts).

" The News" report 1972 - re Radio Lexicon

" The News" report  - visit to HMS Ark Roal 1972

Form 2L about 1960

Image includes: Robson, Peter Joinson, George White, Roger Harding, Alan Smith, Baron, Robin Sutherland, Bruce Clothier, Roger Hopgood, Michael Hurl, George Reekie, George Butterworth, R. Hill, Sherwood, Michael Worden, John Cave, Alan Ebbutt, Colin Cates, David Springett, John Russell, Peter Rose, David Martin
School Photo 1960 - (parts)
School Photo 1964 - (parts)

2nd or 3rd form about 1959/60. Back row l/r Taylor (now David Calder - the TV actor), Thorne, Francis, Beuzeval, Reynolds, Jenner, Higgins, Broomfield, Bray, Fullalove.
Middle l/r Marshman, John, Malcolm, Menzies, Slade, Enfield, Fiske, Standring, Hilder, Rolfe
Front row l/r Ayling, Hopkins, Needs, Jones, Hoare, Bridle, Bannister, Brown, Thompson, Smith, Atkins, Dennison

School Photo 1968- (parts)
School Photo 1968- (parts)
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Prizewinners 1968 J. Allaway; R. Jewell; J. Kendall; D. Murray

Atul Patel in school uniform 1970

Form 2N 1958   Rear row, left to right 3rd Traill, 4th Mick Johnson, 5th Vivian Green, 6th Richard Brown, 8th Barry Mills, 9th Quentin Payne, 10th Pete Mintram, extreme rt Clift

Middle row  4th Reeves, 5th Norman Gartside; , 6th Tarrant, 7th Menzies,  9th Bernard Keswick, extreme rt Stewart

Front row left to right: 1st Trevor Clay, 2nd Bill Legg, 3rd Simon Hackett; 4th M Garside, 7th Ron Hellyer; 9th Reg Walters,  12th Mike Sanger (ie on the extreme right)

Stan Slade, Chris Such, David Butler & ?? in about 1964

Heidelburg visit in 1963. Stan Slade, John Shaw , Robin Therwell and others

Stan Slade, David Butler, Paul Hibbert,  Chris Such and ?? with Messrs Gibbons, Butterworth, Hobbs and Blake - about 1964

Form 3L 1962

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