1st XV 1958-9
1st XV 1953-4
Phoenix RFC 1956
1st XV 1959-60
1st XV 1961-2
    Phoenix RFC report    
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1st XV 1957-8
1st & 2nd XVs about 1955. Back row from left: 3rd D. Munday; 5th T.Cripps; 6th F. Earl; 7th J. Cooper.
Middle row from left: 1st J. Bedford(?); 2nd M. Coombes; 4th A. Loud; 5th B. Knight (Capt); 6th Mr Rugman; 7th A. Simmons; 8th D. Smith; 9th R. Williams; 10th G. Turner; 11th J. Chandler; 12th C(?) Morgan.
Front row from left: 1st A. Laurie; 6th F. Butcher; 8th I. Williams; 9th R. Cornish; 10th L. Porter
Ed: Does anybody know why this photo was taken in school uniform?
Standing; ? Winter, J. Lee, G. Smithers, ? Wilkins, M. Smithers, S. Denyer, B.McCulloch, ? King, Mr Rugman.
Seated; (Simmond?), ? Loud, D. Sherrell, A. Buckley, J. Feltham, D. Porter, R. Smith

Rugby report 1955

Rugby report 1956

Rugby report 1958

Rugby report 1961

Another very  amusing article dscribing rugby - extract from Secundrian 1954

Rugby report 1956

1st XV 1965
Back row: Les Wright,David Rangecroft, Peter Burgess? Peter Lloyd? Jack Hobbs, Chris Ronaldson.
Middle row: Barry Clarke, Robin Thelwell (capt), David Kelly, ?,?
Front row: ?,Bruce Clothier, George Reekie and John Clayton.

Very amusing article dscribing rugby - extract from Secundrian 1949

Junior Rugby Team (about 1974/5?)

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