Entrance Regulations 1926

Arithmetic Entrance Exam 1940

English Entrance exam 1940

Arithmetic Entrance Exam 1939

English Entrance exam 1926

Entrance Regulations, Fees Letters, Examination Papers and Success Notification


Arithmetic Entrance Exam 1939

English 1939

Shown below are some examples of entrance examination questions. Remember, candidates were just 10 or 11 years old when they took these exams. Not sure I’d fancy some of them even now (Ed). Some of these questions are rather more difficult than today’s GCSEs (and maybe even A levels) – and they say that standards haven’t fallen!!

English Exam 1926

School fees letter 1939

School fees remission letter 1936

School entry letter 1936

Arithmetic 1 1934

Composition 1934

Arithmetic 2 1934

English 1934

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Arithmetic Paper 1 1932

Arithmetic Paper 2 1932

Composition Paper 1932

English  Paper 1932

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New parents invitation letter from Mr Mills

Entry Success notification letter 1957