1st X1 1961-62
Inter A 1959-60 and certificate of Haynes Cup winners
Inter B 1959-60
School's very first soccer team 1904-5
1st X1 1921-2
1st X1 1946-7
1st X1 1935-6
1st X1 1951-52
1st X1 1958-59
1st X1 1945-6 NB We are advised that it is Geoffrey Pilcher and not Alan Pitcher 2nd to the right in the front row
1st X1 1944-5
1st X1 1949-50
1st X1 1950-51
1st X1 1959-60
1st X1 1960-61
1st X1 1964-5
1st X1 1962-63 and Hants six-a-side winners
2nd X1 1962-3
1st X1 1963-4
2nd X1 1960-61
2nd X1 1959-60

1st  X1 1957-8

Senior Colts 1955-6
Senior Colts 1954-5

Colts team mid 1950s

2nd X1 1963-4
Colts 1963-4
Colts 1960-1
Intermediate Colts 1953-4
Junior Colts 1952-3
Colts 1964-5
Inter A 1960-61
Inter A 1961-2
Inter A 1963-4
Inter A 1962-3
Inter B 1958-59
Inter B 1960-61
Inter B 1961-2
Inter B 1964-5
Inter C 1960-1
Inter C 1959-60
Inter C 1961-2
Inter C 1959-60
Inter C 1963-4
                       Inter 'C' 1962-63
Back Row L to R:  A Cole, T Dugan, J Monger, Mr Crick, D Williams (GK), M Heath, A Dine, R Brown.
Front Row L to R:  M Weight, G Cole, K Price, A Norton, M Thomas, J Fletcher
                           Inter 'B' 1963-64
Back Row L to R:  A Cole, P Jones, J Monger, Mr Grant, D Williams (GK), M Heath, M Thomas.
Front Row L to R:  P Barnes, G Cole, R Brown, A Dine, K Price, J Fletcher, D Williams
                              Inter 'A' 1964-65
Back Row L to R:  P Jones, D Williams (GK), J Monger, Mr Grant, ???, M Thomas.
Front Row L to R:  K Price, A Cole, J Fletcher, A Dine, R Brown, T Dugan, G Cole.
1st X1 1956-7
Back row: Eric Barnett, Chris Kirkland, Ray Perrett, Dave? Littlefield, Dave Warner, Graham Snook and Ashley Wingham.
Front row left to right: ?, Tim Howard?, Danny Drew, John Strickland, Merv Broadbridge.
Senior Colts 1955-56 Fratton Park, Portsmouth Evening News Cup, versus Eastney Modern School. SGS 4 Eastney 2.
Back row l/r: Alan Batten, Graham Snook, Chris Kirkland, Tony Eales, Roger Carrier, Ken Noy. Front row l/r John Newman, Ken Alexander, Ray Perrett (capt), Mervyn Broadbridge, Brian Stanton .

Portsmouth Schools Pickford Shield winners certificate. Side included Higgins, Jenner, Carmichael from SGS Colts team. They, together with over half the side, played for Hampshire Schools. Moffat and Figgins - from other school -  were  also England Schools internationals.

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Back row: Chris Kirkland, A Batten, Alan Songhurst, ?, ?, Ashley Wingham.
Front row: ?,?,?, Danny Drew, Mick Howard, Bob Simmonds

Soccer Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract

Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Soccer Report 1966

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Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Soccer Report 1959-60

Secundrian extract -  Senior Colts 1961. Ed: Some team!!

Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Pen Pictures1961

1st X1 1966
Standing L to R George Gentle, ??, Ken Rowlands, Chris Vincent , Richard Tanner, Bill Vant, 
Kneeling Graham Castle, Brian Hewson, Dave Hill, Roger Hoad,  Stan Game

1st and 2nd  X1 results 1934 and 1937. [Ed: I think it's safe to say that there were some pretty dodgy defences around at that time!]

Senior Colts 1953-4
1st X1 1905-6
1st X11908-9
1st X1 1909-10
1st X1 1911-12
1st  X1 1913-14
1st X1 1919-20
1st X1  1922-23
1st X1  1924-25
1st X1  1925-26
1st X1 1926-27
1st X1 1928-29
1st X1  1929-30
1st  X1  1930-31
1st X1  1933-34
1st X1 1937-38
1st X1  1938-39
Colts 1946-47
School's very first soccer team 1904-5

Ed: Note Stan Davies in the back row - immediately recognisable!!

Senior Colts early 1960s (Bob Burnett's team) Back row Parker/Parks(?);Trevor Warmington; Harding; John Batten; Carrier; John Creevy. Front row: Keith Minchin; Frank Edgeller; Paul Winsor; Steve Hearn; Roy Gallichan

Colts 1966/7
Colts 1967/8

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