Death of Chris Bullcock (YoE 1970)

We have learned of the untimely death of Chris Bullcock (YoE 1970). He died on Tuesday 16th March after a fall resulting in a bleed on the brain. Chris was local to the School living in Copnor and left in 1975 after GCE's to follow an apprenticeship careers in electrical engineering.

We are grateful to Andy Bevis, a classmate for the following:

Chris attended Southern Grammar from 1970 to 1975 and when he left after the 5th Form went to a local electronics company for his apprenticeship. Collectively we (which included a number of unnamed others) were troublesome in our final year and represented probably not the crème de la crème that the school would of hoped for. However in the time Chris was in the school his expertise in metal work, physics and geography became clear as did his trampoline work. For games his preferred sport was hockey and was certainly expert at getting the ball to fly, somewhat high at times! Cross country always presented a fine opportunity to find "alternative" routes that invariably included a detour to his parents house for a cuppa, biscuit and the ubiquitous cigarette! He was also active in the war games club that used to be held in the Technical Drawing room I recall.  

Chris's greatest passion was motorcycles and at no time was he without one, much to the consternation of various neighbours. Chris went on to work for several companies before he ventured out on his own forming various companies involved in electrical contracting though at different times also venturing into insurance and pensions as well as operating a number of franchises in the world of utility services. Chris was definitely a free and unorthodox spirit who was not afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory.

Chris has a son who now lives and works in New Zealand and is survived by his older brother Colin and a younger sister Anne. Chris never did marry though did accede to being my best man at my wedding in the early eighties.

Hopefully some of the Old Secundrians from those years will remember Chris and be able to share their memories also. His funeral has not been set at this time but as soon as I am aware of when it is I can let you know, not that there can be too many attending.