• Dizzy Winter who took us for scripture (as it was then called) had a particular problem with Bill Robbins [or, according to Bill Robins it was 
    Foxy Rayner who took us for latin]** . at almost every lesson, Dizzy/Foxy had bill out to stand behind him at the front of the class. on one occasion Bill silently left the room and returned later without Dizzy/Foxy noticing his absence, much to our amusement.
  • The next week Bill performed the same feat except that Dizzy/Foxy suddenly turned around to discover that Bill was missing. We had Dizzy/Foxy looking in some very likely places but eventually we all sat silently awaiting the nomad's return. Bill's face was a picture as he peered cautiously around the door.
  • It was also Bill who told our Headmaster and Captain of the School's Army Cadet Corps , G.B.H.Jones M.C., that his puttees were on upside down when he stood before us on parade (this whilst he was telling our Platoon about the necessity of accurate observation!). To be fair to Bill, he only revealed this ill dressed state of affairs when the Headmaster insisted on knowing what he was sniggering about.

[**Note from Ed: Here's a challenge for everyone of Peter & Bill's era - who can resolve whether it was Dizzy or Foxy from whom Bill did his disappearing act?!!!]


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