School's very first soccer team 1904-5

School's very first soccer team 1904-5

1st X1 1905-6

1st X11908-9

1st X1 1909-10

1st X1 1911-12

1st X1 1913-14

1st X1 1919-20

Ed: Note Stan Davies in the back row - immediately recognisable!!

1st X1 1921-2

1st X1 1922-23

1st X1 1924-25

1st X1 1925-26

1st X1 1926-27

1st X1 1928-29

1st X1 1929-30

1st X1 1930-31

1st X1 1933-34

1st X1 1935-6

1st X1 1937-38

1st X1 1938-39

1st X1 1944-5

1st X1 1945-6 NB We are advised that it is Geoffrey Pilcher and not Alan Pitcher 2nd to the right in the front row

1st X1 1946-7

1st X1 1949-50

1st X1 1950-51

1st X1 1951-52

1st X1 1956-7

Back row: Eric Barnett, Chris Kirkland, Ray Perrett, Dave? Littlefield, Dave Warner, Graham Snook and Ashley Wingham.
Front row left to right: ?, Tim Howard?, Danny Drew, John Strickland, Merv Broadbridge.

1st X1 1957-8

Back row: Chris Kirkland, A Batten, Alan Songhurst, ?, ?, Ashley Wingham.
Front row: ?,?,?, Danny Drew, Mick Howard, Bob Simmonds

1st X1 1958-59

1st X1 1959-60

1st X1 1960-61

1st X1 1961-62

1st X1 1962-63 and Hants six-a-side winners

1st X1 1963-4

1st X1 1964-5

1st X1 1966

Standing L to R George Gentle, ??, Ken Rowlands, Chris Vincent , Richard Tanner, Bill Vant,
Kneeling Graham Castle, Brian Hewson, Dave Hill, Roger Hoad, Stan Game

2nd X1 1959-60

2nd X1 1960-61

2nd X1 1962-3

2nd X1 1963-4

Colts 1946-47

Senior Colts 1953-4

Senior Colts 1954-5

Senior Colts 1955-6

Senior Colts 1955-56

Senior Colts 1955-56

Colts team mid 1950s

Junior Colts 1952-3

Senior Colts 1955-56 Fratton Park, Portsmouth Evening News Cup, versus Eastney Modern School.
SGS 4 Eastney 2.
Back row l/r: Alan Batten, Graham Snook, Chris Kirkland, Tony Eales, Roger Carrier, Ken Noy. Front row l/r John Newman, Ken Alexander, Ray Perrett (capt), Mervyn Broadbridge, Brian Stanton

Intermediate Colts 1953-4

Colts 1960-1

Colts 1963-4

Senior Colts early 1960s (Bob Burnett's team) Back row Parker/Parks(?);Trevor Warmington; Harding; John Batten; Carrier; John Creevy. Front row: Keith Minchin; Frank Edgeller; Paul Winsor; Steve Hearn; Roy Gallichan

Portsmouth Schools Pickford Shield winners certificate. Side included Higgins, Jenner, Carmichael from SGS Colts team. They, together with over half the side, played for Hampshire Schools. Moffat and Figgins - from other school - were also England Schools internationals.

Colts 1964-5

Inter A 1959-60

certificate of Haynes Cup winners

Inter A 1960-61

Inter A 1961-2

Inter A 1962-3

Inter A 1963-4

Inter 'A' 1964-65

Back Row L to R: P Jones, D Williams (GK), J Monger, Mr Grant, ???, M Thomas.
Front Row L to R: K Price, A Cole, J Fletcher, A Dine, R Brown, T Dugan, G Cole.

Inter B 1958-59

Inter B 1959-60

Inter B 1960-61

Inter B 1961-2

Inter 'B' 1963-64

Back Row L to R: A Cole, P Jones, J Monger, Mr Grant, D Williams (GK), M Heath, M Thomas.
Front Row L to R: P Barnes, G Cole, R Brown, A Dine, K Price, J Fletcher, D Williams

Inter B 1964-5

Inter C 1959-60

Inter C 1959-60

Inter C 1960-1

Inter C 1961-2

Inter 'C' 1962-63

Back Row L to R: A Cole, T Dugan, J Monger, Mr Crick, D Williams (GK), M Heath, A Dine, R Brown.
Front Row L to R: M Weight, G Cole, K Price, A Norton, M Thomas, J Fletcher

Inter C 1963-4

Colts 1966/7

Colts 1967/8

1st and 2nd X1 results 1934 and 1937. [Ed: I think it's safe to say that there were some pretty dodgy defences around at that time!]

Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Soccer Report 1959-60

Secundrian extract - Senior Colts 1961. Ed: Some team!!

Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Pen Pictures 1961

Secundrian extract - 1st X1 Soccer Report 1966

Soccer Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract