Other Sport

Silver Sports Medal 1937

Bronze Sports Medal 1936

Gold Sports medals won by Maurice William Pearce in the 1930s

Sports Reports 1935

Swimming Team 1951

Swimming Freestyle Champions 1951

1954 Swimming Team

1971 0r 1972 Swimming Team

Badminton report 1958

Hockey 1st X1 early 1960s
Maurice Beales is 3rd from the right back row
Mr Bolge is the team manager/coach

Southern All Stars!! 1960

Another All Star Team - about 1960

Hockey under 13s 1965-6

Festival of Sport 1968 NB Apologies for the lack of clarity in some of the images

Hockey 1st X1 1969-70

Hockey Report 1971 - Secundrian extract

1971 Swimming Report - Secundrian extract

1974 Swimming Teams

1974 Swimming Report - Secundrian extract

Hockey team mid 1970s.(? 1st X1 1975-6 or 2nd X1 1974-5) Top Row Philip Goddard, Brian Dewey, Atul Patel. Second row Adrian Bolge, Michael Jurd, ? D'Avoine, Graham Francis, Julien Khan. Seated Steve Pawsey, Alan Cufley, Roger Spencer, David Williams, David Hatter, Paul Chandler

Tennis Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract

Tennis Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract

Hockey Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract

Hockey Reports 1974 - Secundrian extract